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During the early 1980's an operator in the USA encountered severe problems in the hole, ranging from a kick-loss scenario, hole-instability, severe shale sloughing, stuck pipe, losing the well, and being unable to reach the target depth, among other complications. Desperate for a solution, the operator used a new product on a trial basis to cure these issues. After using the product, the operator was shocked when the well was drilled in record time, without experiencing any of the original problems.  Upon reaching the desired casing point and while pulling out of the hole, the driller commented that the trip felt like he was “pulling out the string in a cased hole.” It was also observed that the subsequent trips made to condition the hole prior to running casing were also unusually smooth.  The result was a superior cement job without any down-hole losses. Drawing from the operator’s experience with this innovative product on a trial run prompted the new company, and on that day, LIQUID CASING® was born.

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