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Since the early 1990s, Liquid Casing has provided the oil and gas industry with high-performance drilling fluid additives to ensure the best results. With more than three decades of experience in the field, we understand the many challenges when drilling an oil or gas well and offer products to reduce losses.

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The Ideal Drilling Solution

A key factor for casing design is to take into account all the varying pressure zones at different intervals, ranging from low to high, which is a common issue for well operators. To balance the pressure, the mud weight of the drilling fluid is adjusted as new pressure zones are found.

This adjustment affects the low-pressure zones as well, resulting in fluid invasion. When this occurs, it could fracture the zone which damages the formation and results in severe down-hole losses and a stuck pipe. This is primarily due to differential sticking, which is created by encountering varying pressure zones.

Why Choose Liquid Casing Products

Our products are used to effectively drill through otherwise troublesome shale sections. When drilling through these materials, it is common that inhibition is reduced through the incorporation of suitable shale inhibitors. By using proper inhibitive mud systems, the pressure can be managed by adopting a suitable mud weight.

However, the drilling process results in micro-fractures and voids in the shale. This is due to the pore throats of different shapes and sizes in the shale lattice, which results in predominantly fractured shale. These cracks must be properly reinforced to seal the pores and stabilize the shale; otherwise, sloughing shale will result.

The Fluid of Choice for the Drilling Industry

Conventional additives fail to plug these pore throats to effectively reduce these fractures. However, our products are specially engineered to mechanically plug the pore throats through their design, manufacturing process, and application. Our product line has a proven track record worldwide for preventing and reducing losses at a level of performance unmatched by our competitors.

What is Liquid Casing?

Liquid Casing is a polycrystalline material with various particle shapes and sizes which ensures superior performance. Our products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and pass all environmental regulations stipulated by various agencies in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and other environmental regulators.

We offer our drilling additive in three forms: Liquid Casing Coarse, Liquid Casing Fine, and Liquid Casing II. The fine product grade is used in the entire mud system to reinforce the formation as a preventative measure, while the coarse material is used to cure down-hole losses when they occur.

Why Are Our Products Superior to Other Fluid Loss Additives?

Through our many success stories and superior performance our products offer, we have elevated the concept of noninvasive fluid additives in the industry. Attempting to capitalize on the new concept, other companies marketed their products as “the same as Liquid Casing.” However, most of our competitors are not designed or manufactured to achieve the same ultra-low invasion results.

These products often have an insufficient particle size range distribution to be able to compete in performance when compared to our products. Given our superior quality and excellent results in the field, Liquid Casing remains the specialized drilling fluid of choice for many companies in the oil and gas industry.


An Environmentally Friendly Drilling Additive

When used in the system, Liquid Casing is found in both the external and internal filter cake. Due to its lightweight characteristics and bulk density of 0.70-0.74, the internal filter cake can be as high as 1-2 inches deep in the formation. With this quality and method of activation, the product acts as a rubber-like cork, which seals the pores.

When sufficient drawdown is given while bringing the well to production, the material will come out of the wellbore and can be removed during initial cleanup. As a result, our products are reservoir friendly and degrade slowly with the bacteria present in the down-hole due to its biodegradability.

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