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Experience Our Proprietary Liquid Casing® Product Line

Our Selection of High-Quality Drilling Additives

Liquid Casing® Inc's product line of high-performance advanced additives is known worldwide as the industry standard for ensuring maximum production in the payzone by virtually eliminating the invasion of damaging fluids and solids into the formation. We offer a selection of different products that are specially formulated to prevent and stop lost circulation while protecting the formation and reservoir from harm.  Liquid Casing products offer a wide range of applications to ensure maximum unobstructed productivity in the payzone, including but not limited to the prevention of differential sticking, reducing wall cake permeability, sealing off depleted sands and micro-fractures, helping logging and casing to run smoothly, and shielding the wellbore from the invasion of damaging fluids and solids.


Liquid Casing® Fine

Liquid Casing® Fine is a microcrystalline and fibrous  product processed to produce a seepage and lost circulation material that may be used in both water and oil-based muds to shield the wellbore from harm. The key feature of this product is the wide range of particle sizes it offers, ranging from 1-500 microns with a median size of 60-170 microns.  These particles which work together in the drilling mud to "wedge" into the surface of micro-fractures and voids in a manner that minimizes formation damage by limiting fluid invasion and eliminating the invasion of damaging solids.

The particle size variety ensures that all fractures and pore throats are sealed so the product can move through any configuration of drilling or coring string. It can be added to the mud or completion brine and should be used in the circulating system to ensure maximum and unobstructed productivity in the payzone.


How It Works

Liquid Casing® Fine

Liquid Casing® Fine is manufactured through a unique mechanical process. It is pressed into the pore spaces by the application of pressure to the calculated Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD), creating its unique characteristic of "wedging"; a process whereby the Liquid Casing® particles work together to wedge into the surface of the micro-fractures and voids.  The result is a surface seal that is hard like a "casing" but able to bend like a "liquid", forming a rubber-like cork that prevents the formation from fluid invasion and the invasion of damaging solids.  The fluid loss function of a drilling fluid additive further enhances the seal that is formed. As a result, the migration of formation damaging fines from wellbore fluids is virtually eliminated.

Reversal of the pressure, as when the well is brought on-stream, releases the filter-cake off easily as a result of the high-pressure gradient generated due to limited filtrate invasion. This quality ensures rapid clean up while minimizing formation damage. The fine size and relatively large surface area can be exploited to provide a means for chemically removing the particles from the formation.


  • Use in whole mud system with 3-4 ppb concentration. If it is oil or synthetic-based mud, it is recommended to use 5-6 ppb.
  • Use coarser shaker screens of no more than 100 mesh size. This will allow the product to remain in the system without passing through the shaker screens.
  • Optimum utilization of centrifuge is recommended.
  • Due to its lightweight (bulk density of 0.74), Liquid Casing will remain in the center of the centrifuge and only a minimum amount of the product will go with the solid phase of the centrifuge.
  • As this product is consumed in the well, to the external and internal filter cakes, periodical additions of the product are required while drilling. A good rule of thumb is to add 2 sacks of Liquid Casing Fine for every 100 ft. (or 30 m) to any new hole drilled.
  • Keep biocide in the entire system.
  • Spot a 50-100 bbl pill at the bottom prior to tripping out. 50 bbl pill is sufficient for an 8½” hole and a 75-100 bbl pill is required for 12¼” to 17½” holes.


  • Helps Prevent Differential Sticking
  • Reduces Wall Cake Permeability
  • Seals Off Depleted Sands and Micro Fractures
  • Prevents Seepage Loss
  • Compatible in Water and Oil-Based Muds
  • Helps Logging and Casing Run Smoothly
  • Biodegradable and Nontoxic
  • Temperature Stable 400+ °F (204 °C)
  • Does Not Affect Rheology of the Mud
  • Reduces Torque and Drag

Liquid Casing® Coarse

Liquid Casing® Coarse is a severe lost circulation additive that can be used in oil or water-based muds.  Unlike Liquid Casing® Fine, Liquid Casing® Coarse is used to "cure" losses in the form of a "pill" as opposed to preventing losses. The material passes through a ¼” (6,350 microns) dry screen and will not block the jets of the bits or mud motors. Liquid Casing® Coarse provides excellent lost circulation control without damaging rheology in all conventional drilling fluids. It is non-damaging and can be pumped through most sizes of bit nozzles without blocking.


How It Works

Liquid Casing® Coarse

Liquid Casing® Coarse has an increased particle size distribution compared to  Liquid Casing® Fine. As a result, it interlocks and swells in the fluids to form an effective seal during the drilling process, which increases in efficiency as differential pressures rise, allowing it to cure severe lost circulation when encountered.


  • It is normally used to cure losses when moderate to severe losses occur.
  • The optimum dosage of the pill is 40-60 ppb in the existing drilling fluid.
  • In a non-aqueous fluid system, diesel-based or synthetic oil-based, the maximum allowable dosage of Liquid Casing® Coarse is 40 ppb.
  • In a bentonite-based water-based fluid system, the maximum allowable dosage is 50 ppb to 60 ppb.
  • In a Polymer, XC-Polymer based, fluid system, the maximum allowable dosage is 60 ppb.
  • It can be pumped into the bit and BHA, with MWD tools, at the bottom without any problems or any necessary trips.
  • The pill volume should be 100-150 bbl depending on the size of the hole and the severity of the losses. Sometimes, one pill, 150 bbl, may not bring complete returns and an additional pill may be required.

Liquid Casing® R

Liquid Casing® R is designed to cure losses in the reservoir section where pores are large. It was formulated after extensively studying sandstone and limestone reservoir cores with pore throats of large and varying sizes, and with sensitivity to protect the reservoir from damage. As a result of its design, the product is suitable for use in virtually any reservoir.

Liquid Casing® R is particularly useful when the well is brought into production.  As the material from the reservoir will automatically come out during initial well cleanup, Liquid Casing® R prevents damage to the reservoir.  Furthermore, the advanced additive is particularly formulated with a propriety selection of particle shapes and sizes that are particularly appropriate to protect the reservoir from damage.

The procedures for using Liquid Casing® R are more specialized. A general application has been provided in the following section entitled “Various Liquid Casing® Applications and Treatments.”


How It Works

The wide particle size range and shapes are designed to seal virtually any depleted reservoir or fractures in the structure.


W.Ο. 1000®

W.O. 1000 is a work/over completion fluid additive, which enables the drilling fluid to seal the perforations and halt fluid invasion. This product eliminates formation damage and substantially reduces idle time by 50%.



In high-pressure wells, before the well-killing operations begin, pump a 20 bbl pill across the perforations.

Product Data & Usage

Located in Houston, Texas, our goal is to provide innovative drilling solutions to our customers throughout the state and around the world. If you are interested in learning more about our products, contact us today.